Keep everything in place with Braza Flash Tape, a double-sided body and clothing adhesive. Designed in a fumble-free roll tape dispenser with ‘crack-n-peel’ liner for effortless application. This photo-safe tape sets the industry standard for quality, ease-of-use and value. Expertly crafted to solve any fashion emergency! Secures deep-plunge clothing, open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops, gaps between buttons, fallen socks and hems, twisted jewelry, peeking bra straps and so much more.


  • Pull out tape to desired length
  • Remove backing from adhesive clothing strip
  • Position and press adhesive to clothing or clean, lotion-free skin
  • Once tape is in place, remove protective liners and press clothing to skin
  • Waterproof

 Style 10090


Braza Flash Tape

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For example, if you usually wear a 34C your sister sizes are 32D and 36D. These 3 bras (32D/34C/36B) share the same underwire size and vary only in the length of the band.

 Bra Sister Sizes

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