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Elevate your lingerie collection with Town Shop's range of premium panties. Our collection offers a variety of styles, from thongs to boyshort panties, in a range of luxurious fabrics and intricate designs. Every panties brand is carefully crafted to offer both comfort and style, so you can feel confident and beautiful every day.

Discover new trends in panties, high-waist panties, thongs/G-strings, boyshort panties, briefs, lace panties, bridal panties, bikini panties, cotton panties, silk panties and more. Choose from a range of new panty styles to boost your inner comfort and confidence. Town Shop has something for everyone with its diverse collection of pantie styles. Get your hands on stuff from Empreinte, Hanro, Simone Perele, Calida, Conturelle, Chantelle, Panache, Elomi, Fleur'T, and other designer collections.

Shop our collection today and discover the ultimate in intimate apparel.

What are the different panty styles?

Panties come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, and are designed to provide both comfort and support. There are various styles of panties available, including:

  1. Brief: Briefs are a classic style of panty that provides full coverage of the pelvic area. They typically have a high waistband and a low leg opening.
  2. Bikini: Bikini panties are similar to briefs, but have a lower waistband and a higher leg opening, making them a popular choice for wearing under low-rise pants or skirts.
  3. Thong: Thong panties provide minimal coverage, with a narrow waistband and a small triangular piece of fabric that covers your privates. The back of the thong typically consists of a thin strip of fabric that runs between the buttocks.
  4. G-Strings: G-strings are similar to thongs, but have a smaller triangular piece of fabric in the front and a very thin string that runs between the buttocks in the back.
  5. Boyshorts: Boyshorts are a style of panty that provides full coverage of the pelvic area and extend down the thighs, resembling men's shorts.

What kinds of panty fabrics are available?

There are several types of materials commonly used in the production of panties, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most common panty materials:

  1. Cotton: Cotton is a soft, breathable, and comfortable natural material. It is also absorbent, making cotton panties a good choice for everyday wear.
  2. Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight, durable, and stretchy. It is often used in the production of see through panties or lace panties and can be blended with other fibers to add strength and durability.
  3. Polyster: Polyester is a lightweight, durable, and wrinkle-resistant synthetic material. It is often used in the production of athletic or workout panties, as it wicks moisture away from the skin.
  4. Silk: Silk is a luxurious and lightweight natural fiber that is soft and comfortable to wear. It is often used in the production of high-end lingerie and special occasion panties.
  5. Lace: Lace is a delicate fabric that is often used in the production of panties for its feminine and romantic appearance. It is usually applied as an accent or overlay to other materials.
  6. Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight, durable, and quick-drying. It is often used in the production of seamless or no-show panties, as it is smooth and does not create visible panty lines.
  7. Modal: Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber made from beech trees. It is lightweight, soft, and breathable, making it a popular choice for everyday wear.

When selecting panties, it is important to consider the material and its benefits in relation to the intended use and personal preferences.

How do I pick the right panty style for me?

Choosing a suitable panty style is a personal choice based on personal preferences and needs. Here are some things to think about while choosing the right panty style for you:

  • Comfort: Comfort is a crucial factor to consider while selecting a panty style. Consider the panty's fabric, fit, and design, and go for a style that feels good against your skin.
  • Coverage: The amount of coverage provided by a panty style can vary. If you prefer more coverage, choose a style such as briefs or boyshorts. If you prefer less coverage, choose a thong or G-string.
  • Purpose: Consider the purpose for which you will be wearing the panty. For example, if you will be engaging in physical activity, choose a style that offers support and stays in place.
  • Outfit: The panty style you select should be appropriate for the outfit you will be wearing. If you're wearing a tight-fitting dress, for example, a seamless or no-show panty may be the ideal option to avoid obvious panty lines.
  • Personal Style: When selecting a panty style, you should also consider your personal style and preferences. Choose a look that makes you feel confident and at ease.
  • Occasion: For everyday wear, comfort and practicality are key, so you can prefer classic styles like briefs or boyshorts that provide full coverage and support. For special occasions where you want to feel sexy and confident, you can opt for lingerie-inspired styles like thongs or G-strings that offer minimal coverage and leave little to the imagination. High-waisted panties are great for achieving a smooth silhouette under tight-fitting clothing, while seamless panties are perfect for avoiding visible panty lines. Ultimately, the choice of panty style comes down to personal preference and the specific occasion. It's always a good idea to have a variety of styles on hand to suit different outfits and moods.

Finally, the best panty style for you is one that is comfortable, provides the necessary coverage and support, and complements your unique style and preferences. Finding the correct panty style for you may need some trial and error, but with a little experimenting, you can find a style that works for you.

How do I maintain the longevity of panties?

Maintaining the lifetime of your panties is critical to ensuring that they continue to provide the comfort and support you require. Here are some pointers for taking care of your panties:

  1. Follow the care instructions: Always follow the care instructions on your panties' label. Hand washing or washing on a gentle cycle may be required for different materials and styles of women’s underwear.
  2. Wash in cold water: To avoid shrinking or material damage, wash your panties in cold water. Colors can also fade or bleed when exposed to hot water.
  3. Use a gentle detergent: Use a mild, gentle detergent when washing your panties. Harsh detergents can damage delicate fabrics such as lace or silk.
  4. Avoid fabric softeners: Fabric softeners can cause a buildup of residue on your panties, which can reduce their absorbency and lead to odor retention.
  5. Air dry: Hang your panties to air dry rather than putting them in the dryer. The heat of the dryer can cause shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics.
  6. Store properly: Store your panties in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Avoid folding or compressing them in a way that could cause damage to the elastic or fabric.

Where do I shop for the best panties brand?

Town Shop has a range of panties that express a person's personal style. Our panty brands and styles range in size from XS to 4XL. Explore our luxurious lingerie collection, which includes Empreinte panties, Hanro panties, Bali panties, Cosabella panties, Jockey panties, Natori panties, On Gossamer panties, Hanky Panky panties, Calida panties, Chantelle panties, Wacoal panties, Vanity Fair panties, Lejaby panties, and more.

Choose from our comprehensive choice of briefs, cheeky lace panties, boyshorts, bikinis, crotchless panties, open panties, thongs, french cut panties, g-strings, and full brief panties and panty sets to create your ideal panty drawer. Complete your new fashionable panty and bra sets with our matching bras and panties; whatever you're looking for, Town Shop's online lingerie store has it covered.

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