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Unveil the Perfect Hosiery for Your Legs: Browse Our Exquisite Collection of Designer Socks, Tights, Leggings, Stockings, and More to Find the Perfect Pair.

Hosiery Socks Collections

Discover a wide range of high-quality hosiery essentials that add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. From classic sheer stockings to trendy patterned tights, Town Shop's collection caters to every fashion preference.

We understand that finding the right hosiery is essential for both everyday wear and special occasions. That's why we offer an extensive selection of styles, sizes, and colors to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for sheer elegance, opaque warmth, or stylish fishnet designs, we have you covered.

Our women's hosiery selection is crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel against your skin. With attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, our products provide the perfect fit and comfort that lasts throughout the day. Experience the difference of well-designed hosiery that combines fashion and function effortlessly.

Step into elegance, sophistication, and confidence with our carefully curated designer hosiery offerings.

What are the different types of hosiery items available

Hosiery is a broad category of items designed to cover and adorn the legs and feet. Here are some examples of hosiery items:

    1. Stockings: Stockings are typically made of sheer material and come in various lengths, such as thigh-highs, knee-high, and ankle-high. They are worn with garters or attached to a garter belt.
    2. Pantyhose: Pantyhose are full-length leg coverings that run from the waist to the toes and are also known as tights. They are usually made of nylon or a nylon-spandex combination.
    3. Leggings: Leggings are tight-fitting, opaque hosiery that covers the legs. They are commonly worn as casual or athletic wear and are typically made of thicker materials such as cotton or spandex.
    4. Socks: Socks are hosiery items that cover the feet and ankles. They come in various lengths, including ankle socks, crew socks, knee-high socks, and over-the-knee socks. Socks can be made of different materials, such as cotton, wool, or synthetic blends.
    5. Tights: Tights are comparable to pantyhose, however, they are thicker and more opaque. They can be made of various materials and come in different colors and patterns.
    6. Fishnet stockings: Fishnet stockings feature an open, diamond-shaped pattern made from thin threads. They add a stylish and edgy touch to outfits.
    7. Compression stockings: Compression stockings are designed to promote circulation and give support to the legs. They are typically worn to reduce swelling, avoid blood clots, or while standing or traveling for lengthy periods of time.
    8. Toe socks: Toe socks, like gloves, feature independent sections for each toe. They allow for more toe movement and can be worn with shoes or as a warm indoor choice.

These are just a few examples of the various types of hosiery items available. Each type serves different purposes, ranging from fashion to functionality.

Styling Hosiery Items

Adding hosiery to your attire can lend a touch of elegance, fun, or refinement. Here are some styling ideas for various hosiery items:

  1. Sheer stockings: Pair sheer stockings with a little black dress or a skirt for a classic and timeless look. Opt for nude or black shades to keep the focus on your legs. You can also experiment with colored stockings to add a pop of color to your ensemble.
  2. Patterned tights: Patterned tights are a great way to add visual interest to your outfit. They can range from subtle textures to bold designs. Wear patterned tights with solid-colored dresses or skirts to draw attention to the hosiery.
  3. Fishnet stockings: Add a touch of edginess to your look with fishnet stockings. For a bold and stylish style, pair them with skirts, shorts, or ripped jeans. Choose smaller fishnet patterns and mix them with fitted dresses or skirts for a more refined look.
  4. Colored tights: Colored tights can instantly elevate a neutral outfit. Pair them with dresses or skirts in complementary or contrasting colors for a vibrant and eye-catching look. For a more subtle effect, choose tights in similar tones to your outfit.
  5. Over-the-knee socks: Over-the-knee socks are versatile and can be worn with skirts, dresses, and shorts. Combine them with a little skirt and a comfortable sweater to make a lovely and playful ensemble. Wear them with denim shorts and ankle boots for a more relaxed vibe.
  6. Leggings: Leggings are both comfy and adaptable. Pair them with oversized sweaters or long tunics for a laid-back style. Pair them with a tunic dress, a blazer, and heels to dress them up. Leggings also look great with shoes and an athletic shirt for athleisure looks.
  7. Socks: Socks can be worn with a variety of clothes depending on their length and style. Ankle socks go well with sneakers or low-cut shoes, while knee-high socks lend a fun touch to skirts or shorts. To create the desired aesthetic, experiment with different lengths and colors.

When styling hosiery, keep the occasion and your unique style in mind. Don't be afraid to mix and match different textures, patterns, and colors to create unique and fashionable combinations.

Hosiery DO's and DON'Ts


  1. Choose the right size: For both comfort and appearance, properly fitting hosiery is vital. To achieve a correct fit, pay attention to size charts and measurements.
  2. Consider the occasion: Choose appropriate hosiery for the occasion. Sheer or patterned stockings are appropriate for formal occasions, whilst colorful or textured tights lend flair to casual clothes.
  3. Match the color: When wearing hosiery, choose colors that suit your attire. Matching the color of your tights or stockings to your apparel or accessories will help you achieve a polished and cohesive image.
  4. Do experiment with different styles: Don't be afraid to try out different hosiery styles, such as fishnet stockings, patterned tights, or colored socks. Experimenting with different options can help you discover new looks and express your personal style.
  5. Care for your hosiery: Follow the care instructions provided for your hosiery items. Hand wash delicate stockings and tights or use a gentle cycle in a laundry bag. Hang them to dry to maintain their shape and prevent damage.


  1. Don't wear damaged hosiery: Wearing hosiery with runs, rips, or snags might detract from your overall image. To preserve a polished and put-together appearance, replace torn hosiery.
  2. Don't pair open-toed shoes with traditional stockings: Open-toed shoes, such as sandals or peep-toe heels, are not typically worn with traditional stockings. Opt for toeless or sandal foot stockings designed specifically for open-toed footwear.
  3. Don't neglect proper grooming: When wearing hosiery, make sure your legs and feet are well-groomed. Smooth, moisturized legs and neatly trimmed toes can improve the overall appearance and feel of your hosiery.
  4. Don't overdo patterns and colors: While experimenting with patterns and colors is entertaining, be careful not to overdo it. If your dress already has vivid patterns or vibrant colors, choose hosiery that is more neutral or solid in color to balance the look.
  5. Don't forget about your own comfort: Choose hosiery materials and styles that are comfortable for you to wear. If you're not comfortable with a particular sort of hosiery, look into different possibilities that fit your tastes better.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and personal style and preferences can influence how you choose to wear hosiery. Ultimately, wear what makes you feel confident and expresses your unique fashion sense.

Which is preferable, liners or peds?

The preference between liners and peds largely depends on personal preference and the type of shoes you are wearing.

Both liners and peds are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for everyday wear. They are typically made from materials like cotton, nylon, or a blend of synthetic fibers, ensuring moisture-wicking properties and preventing odors.

Here's an overview of both foot covers.

  1. Liners: Liners, also known as no-show socks or footies, are low-cut socks that are designed to be invisible or barely visible when worn with shoes. They typically cover the sole and toes of the foot, providing a layer of comfort and moisture absorption while remaining hidden inside the shoe. Liners are popular for wearing with ballet flats, loafers, or any other shoe style where you want the appearance of bare feet but with added comfort and protection.
  2. Peds: Peds, short for ped socks or pedicure socks, are similar to liners but typically have a slightly higher cut. They cover the bottom of the foot and the toes, providing a barrier between the foot and the shoe. Peds are often used when wearing low-cut sneakers, slip-on shoes, or any footwear where you want minimal sock coverage.

What kinds of hosiery can I find at Town Shop?

The top brands in hosiery and fashion socks are available at Town Shop's online lingerie store, designed to keep you comfortable and stylish from waist to toe. Buy women's hosiery from Falke, Donna Karan Hosiery, Commando Hosiery, Hanes Hosiery, Maggie's Organics, Natori Hosiery, Spanx, Hue socks, B.Ella socks, Happy Socks, and Wolford socks, to mention a few.

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