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Town Shop mentioned on West Side Rag as "The place to buy bras"

May 10, 2015

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Town Shop featured on the Real Housewives of New York, Season 8, Episode 2. 

Aired: April 13, 2016

On Bravo TV

Boob and Bra talk. Town Shop on the latest Keep it 100 Girl Podcast.

April 11, 2016


Best NYC Lingerie Stores

February 11, 2016 

New York Racked

Why You're Wearing the Wrong Bra.

Beauty Riot

All About Bras.

Snippets of Wisdom

How a Guy Taught Me More About Bras Than Any Other Woman Ever Has.

October 4, 2013




Your Bra Size: The Truth May (Pleasantly) Surprise You.

April 9, 2009