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Sports bras are a workout essential and provide crucial support and comfort during physical activity. Designed to minimize breast movement, they come in various styles to help you stay comfortable and chic during your workout.

Discover the perfect blend of performance and luxury with a collection of high-end sports bras at Town Shop that elevate your confidence and style in your fitness routine.

What are the different styles of sports bras?

Sports bras for women come in various styles, each designed to offer specific levels of support and cater to different types of physical activities. Here are some of the popular styles of sports bras.

  1. Compression sports bra: These bras compress the breasts against the chest in order to minimize movement. They are suitable for low to medium-impact activities such as yoga, pilates, and walking and often feature pullover styles without hooks or fasteners.
  2. Encapsulation sports bra: Featuring individual cups that encapsulate each breast, this high impact sports bra provides enhanced, structured support and a natural contour. Encapsulation sports bras are ideal for medium to high-impact activities like cycling, dance, or weightlifting.
  3. Combination sports bra: These sports bras offer a blend of both compression and encapsulation functionalities to offer the utmost support. These comfortable sports bras are ideal for high-impact exercises such as running, aerobics, or sports that entail vigorous movements.
  4. Racerback sports bra: Racerback sports bras are designed with straps that converge at the back in a V or Y shape, offering optimal support and stability. They are suitable for activities that entail frequent arm motions, such as running or tennis.
  5. Front-zip sports bra: Front-zip sports bras feature a practical zipper at the front that facilitates easy wearing and removal. They are highly favored by women owing to their exceptional support during high-impact exercises. The zipper ensures a snug, comfortable fit throughout the workout routine.
  6. Sports nursing bra: Sports nursing bras are designed to offer comfort and support to nursing mothers while they engage in physical activities. They feature nursing clasps to enable easy access and provide an optimal combination of practicality and comfort for mothers who lead an active lifestyle.
  7. High neck sports bra: These bras feature a higher neckline which offers additional coverage and support and are ideal for activities like yoga or Pilates. They also serve as fashionable athleisure wear.
  8. Underwired sports bra: Underwired sports bra provides additional support, particularly for women with larger cup sizes. These bras are suitable for high-impact physical activities that require maximum support.
  9. Padded sports bra: Built-in foam or removable inserts offer extra coverage and contour in padded sports bras. These bras minimize friction, provide moisture-wicking properties, and ensure a secure fit, making high impact padded sports bra a favored choice.
  10. Mastectomy sports bras: Mastectomy sports bras are specifically crafted to provide comfort, support, and confidence to women who have undergone breast surgery. These bras are equipped with pockets for breast prostheses and offer mild compression during physical activity, encouraging an active lifestyle.

When selecting a sports bra, consider the type of activity you'll be engaging in as well as your personal comfort and support preferences. Having a variety of sports bras in your activewear collection can ensure that you have the right support for different activities and workout intensities.

How to get the best out of your sports bra?

  1. Know your size: Measure yourself accurately and refer to the brand’s sizing guide to ensure you buy sports bras that are tailored to your size. A well-fitting sports bra enhances comfort and effectiveness.
  2. Identify your breast shape: Understanding your breast shape can assist you in selecting a sports bra that provides the right level of support and coverage. Determine if your breasts are fuller on top or bottom, close-set or wide-set as this knowledge can guide you in selecting the ideal sports bra.
  3. Choose the right style: Consider the level of impact of your activity when buying sports bras. For low-impact activities such as yoga, stretching, or casual wear, a sports bralette or a pullover style with minimal support can suffice. For medium-impact activities like cycling or weightlifting, opt for a sports bra with moderate support like a compression sports bra or racerback style. However, for high-impact activities, you can opt for high impact sports bra styles like padded sports bras, wired sports bras, or a blend of encapsulation and compression features.
  4. Strap style: Based on the movement of your shoulders and arms during exercise, you may find that a racerback sports bra or a cross-back style is more suitable in order to prevent the straps from slipping.
  5. Check for comfort and chafing: Ensure the bra doesn't dig into your skin, cause chafing, or create pressure points. Look for features like flat seams and tagless labels for added comfort. Check if the band fits snugly against your ribcage without riding up and provides support without feeling too tight.

Experiment with different styles to find the best sports bra that caters to your needs. Investing in high quality sports bras can enhance your comfort and performance during workouts.

Which styles and brands of designer sports bras does Town Shop offer?

From the high-impact demands of intense workouts to the serene stretches of yoga, sports bras for women provide an unparalleled blend of functionality and comfort. Investing in high quality sports bras can elevate your confidence and aid in achieving your fitness goals with ease. Browse through Town Shop’s curated collection of designer sports bras, featuring renowned brands such as Anita, Cache Coeur, Chantelle, Elomi, Empreinte, Freya, Hanro, Natori, Panache, Prima Donna, Sculptresse, Simone Perele, Wacoal and others.

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