Let’s welcome the month of one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac - the Scorpio. Scorpio season brings with it a spooky yet sexy fervor. It’s time for the fierce woman to be in her element and bask in the light of her stars. She might be mysterious.

Sometimes she will make you wonder what’s going on in her mind and feel that she almost accurately knows what’s on yours. She’s known to be the most intuitive, yet self-indulgent. She’s a paradox of her premises, and we’re all for it! She is a woman with so many facets. She brings along a versatile sense of style, on the streets and under the sheets.

Astrology is your personal shopper, they say. We say, why not turn to the stars to choose the best lingerie for a Scorpio woman?

For a Scorpio woman, an over-the-top, flashy, loud style doesn’t work. Think classy yet notorious. She’s all about the lace with a clean design and a sensual touch. The Natori Elusive Full Fit Bra is the perfect match for her. It comes with lace that traces up for sexy coverage. 

Natori Elusive Full Fit Bra


Along with the air of mystery, the Scorpio woman has a softer side to her that we often tend to miss. She’s compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, and the best kind of friend you would hope to have around. The Simone Perele Delice Sheer Plunge is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. It’s romantic and delicate yet practical and reliable. The 3-part cup design with the lacey mesh decal at the back provides superior support with a flattering look. 

Simone Perele Delice Sheer Plunge

The Scorpio woman exhibits a need for a dynamic, constantly evolving space. She likes to keep things spicy under covers too. The Simone Perele Wish Triangle Contour Bra combines sheer lace and embroidery to create a creates a seductive look and is the perfect tease for those special nights in.

A Scorpio woman’s lingerie reflects her true self. Just as you wouldn’t ever be bored of having her around, you wouldn’t expect her intimates to be boring too.