A woman's lingerie collection is her prized possession. When it comes to bras, a good mix of different styles is a must to rock all kinds of outfits. A deep plunge bra is one among the many must-have bras a woman should own. If you are thinking about whether you need a plunge bra and how to choose one, read on.

When to wear a plunge bra? 

Plunge bras create an illusion of bigger busts, and their deep neckline is designed to reveal a sexy cleavage in the center. Thus, a plunge bra is a go-to option when

  • You want to rock those low-cut dresses with deep necklines confidently without flashing the bra. 
  • You want to create a seductive look by bringing the breasts closer together. 
  • Your outfit demands a natural lift to the breasts along with deep sexy cleavage. 

If you want to add a few stunning plunge bras to spice up your lingerie collection, we have a few tips to help you choose the one that's like a match made in heaven! So, read on. 

  • Plunge bras with skin-friendly fabrics 
  • Always choose a plunge bra with breathable and skin-friendly fabric. The right fabric would not cling to the skin and feel soft and super light. Town Shop handpicks bras with super comfortable fabrics. Mentioned below are a few of our favorite low cut bras. 

    This bra has contoured underwire cups made up of lightweight foam covered in soft microfibre for all-day comfort. It is versatile, chic, and the epitome of comfort. Available in a diverse size range, this plunge bra is a french delight in the true sense. 

    The Little Bra Company Lucia Lace Plunge Push-Up Bra

    This plunge pushup bra by The Little Bra Company is designed for petite women. The plunge lifts and enhances their modest bust. Made of comfortable fabrics like Polyamide and elastane, this plunge push-up bra feels soft with a lace overlay and creates an elegant overall look.

  • Padded plunge bras for extra coverage and support 
  • If you want a good lift, coverage, and support in a plunge bra, choosing a padded plunge bra is the trick. The additional padding in the cups will give the much-needed comfort along with fuller visible breasts. 

    Here are a few padded plunge bras from Town Shop online lingerie store. 

    Natori Feathers Lace Contour Plunge Bra - Black

    This sexy plunge bra from Natori stands out with its light padding, which is just enough to enhance the breasts' shape. It offers moderate coverage and disappears under the low-cut dresses. 

    This wire-free, lightly lined bra provides a gentle lift and natural cleavage without bulky padding. Made with ultra-soft microfiber cups and band, it offers maximum comfort. The deep-plunge neckline and mesh detail add a charming touch, perfect for showing off or creating a seamless silhouette under any outfit.

  • Plunge bras with underwire for great lift and shape 
  • If you are an underwire bra fan, we know you would like a deep plunge bra with an underwire. The combination of plunge with underwire offers great lift and the right support and shape to the breasts. 

    Here are some of the must-have underwire plunge bras from Town Shop. 

    Elomi Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra - Black

    This plunge bra from Elomi Matilda comes with 3-part cup support that creates a lift and separates the bust without ruining its shape. This underwire plunge bra accentuates the curves in all the right places. 

    Freya Deco Molded Underwire Plunge Bra - Black

    The molded underwire in this plunge bra enhances the bustline to perfection. The ultra-low neckline makes it the perfect bra to wear under all the low-cut tops and dresses. The ultra-smooth underwire cups create a seamless look under all kinds of dresses. 

  • Lace-detailed plunge bras for extra oomph 
  • Lace never disappoints! Picking up a plunge bra with intricate lace details is a big yes for all body types out there. Town Shop has an exclusive range of sexy lace plunge bras that you can't resist getting your hands on. 

    Natori Feathers Lace Contour Plunge Bra - Cameo Rose

    This Natori Feathers Plunge bra is one of its kind. Its beautiful scalloped lace adds to its sexy style. Light padding in the cups provides a youthful shape and becomes seamless under all the dresses. With this low cut bra, feel the softness of lace and rock the low-cut dresses in confidence. 

    Simone Perele Caresse 3D Plunge Lace Underwire Bra

    Minimal yet sensual, this 3D plunge bra has a touch of velvety-soft stretch lace. Seamless cups, plunging neckline, and fully adjustable straps make it a must-have Simone Perele plunge bra in your stunning collection. 

    These were a few of our favorite suggestions from the plunge bra range of Town Shop's online lingerie store. Find these and many more exclusive styles in plunge bras at our online store. Hurry up and buy your new favorite plunge bra now!