Planning on get a new bra but feel overwhelmed about how to choose the best bra for your body? Town Shop has you covered! Our experienced fitters will help you! Town Shops experienced fitters are here to make sure that when you walk  in for a bra fitting, we will show you bras that fit and feel comfortable, so you leave feeling great and wearing the correct size bra!
Here are some tips from our experienced bra fitters to make sure you get a great fitting bra the next time you go shopping for a bra.

Tip #1. Get fitted
““Finding a bra that fits is literally life-changing!” I often hear from our customers that it’s a major struggle to get a great fitting bra. It's no wonder Oprah started a bra revolution when she said that about 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! We always recommend coming in and getting fitted first — it’s a good way to learn about your body and make sure that your next bra shopping trip is enjoyable.” - Alison, a superstar bra fitting expert at Town Shop since 2007

Tip #2. Look for your actual bra size
Numbers can be daunting, but it's really important to know how to choose your bra size. “Your bra shouldn't be too loose or tight and suffocating. Your bra  should feel like it’s a part of your body when you wear it. Remember that the size is just a number! A bra sits differently on different bodies. Our body shape  are all unique, so a bra in one size will not feel and fit the same on your girlfriend, even if she’s the same height and weight as you.” Learn your size and learn to appreciate your body—it doesn't define you but this will ensure comfy bra wearing. - Denise, Town Shop bra fitter, fitted a thousand women and counting

Tip #3. Evaluate your wardrobe
“Before getting a new bra, check what styles you' re lacking. A great way to start bra shopping is by thinking of what kind of upper body items or tops you wear the most. For example, convertible bras like the Marie Jo Avero Tom Convertible Underwire Bra are a great choice for both casual t-shirts and fancy open-shoulder outfits.” - Denise, Town Shop bra fitter, fitted a thousand women and counting. “Take a moment to analyze your lifestyle. Do you spend most of the day running around? Then you probably need a good sports bra or a T-shirt bra. Or maybe you prefer to incorporate bras in your outfits. In this case, go for a bralette.” - Karen, Town Shop expert bra fitter and happy bra fitting specialist.

Tip #4. Check for the correct breast position
Not only does the bra has to be the right size and also fit well, but the cups of the bra have to position your breasts correctly. “The correct cup position will provide support and prevent any pain from wearing the bra. This will also take care of your breast and back health. Your breasts should be centered and front.
Look in the mirror to see whether your bust is lifted to the center and set right between your elbows and shoulders—then you know they are sitting well!” - Alison, a superstar bra fitting expert at Town Shop since 2007 

Tip #5. Diversify your bra shelf
Make sure you have the right bra for every occasion.
Here's a checklist for your reference from our expert bra fitter Alison:
● for a t-shirt bra, try Empreinte Cassiopee Molded Bra
● for a strapless bra, try Simone Perele Caresse Strapless Bra
● for a wireless bra, try Chantelle C Magnifique Sexy Molded Bra
● for a sports bra, try Anita Active Momentum Soft Cup Sports Bra
● for a bralette, try Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Bralette

Tip #6. Complete your core collection, but never be afraid to embrace color!
“Remember that nude, black, and white bras are the go-to for every woman's wardrobe. The basics always get a seamless look for any and every occasion.”
- Matte, the bra fitting maven at Town Shop “Don’t be afraid to shine bright in vivid underwear! Basics are good, but go for a pop of color every now and then. Next time you're going bra shopping, don't skip or shy away from rows of bolder pieces. Or, if you're into something rather subtle, choose a pastel one instead—it’s still color!” - Robin, Town Shop bra fitter and bra connoisseur

Tip #7. Check coverage
“As you’re trying on a bra, make sure to put your clothes back on to check out how the bra looks under your shirt or t-shirt. This will help you see what tops look best to wear with your new bra and will help you make sure that it’s the right purchase, depending on whether you want an invisible bra or if you don't mind it showing through.” - Robin, Town Shop bra fitter and bra connoisseur
Bra fitting at Town Shop NYC

Tip #8.Get a matching panty
“I’m all about wearing the matching underwear! Nothing makes a bra look better than when it's worn as a set! Whether it's an everyday bra, or a cute lingerie piece, make sure you have a panty in the same color. You’ll feel confident, stylish and fabulous!” - Karen, Town Shop expert bra fitter and happy bra fitting specialist

Tip #9. Balance quality and quantity
“I know it can be tempting to go for less expensive options to try and buy more pieces. I always advise to choose quality over quantity. You will spend more money replacing cheap bras that fall apart quickly. It’s always better to purchase a better, quality great fitting bra that, with a little love, will last! - Denise, Town Shop bra fitter, fitted a thousand women and counting

Tip #10. Taking care of your new bra.
When you find your perfect bra, you will want to treat it well, so you will have it for as long as possible. Our bra fitting experts at Town Shop can help you extend the life of your favorite bra with a little love. Here are some simple rules to stick to from our team of expert bra fitters:
● make sure to store your bra gently without folding or crushing
● hand wash only, in cold water, never machine wash!
● don't hang or use the dryer—dry flat instead, the dryer will cook your bra!
● wash after every 3 wears
“These are simple yet basic routines but they will help you save your favorite bras and extend their livelihood so you can enjoy them for months or even years to come.” - Matte, the bra fitting maven at Town Shop

A perfect bra can be difficult to find when you don’t know what to look for or how to find. But hopefully these 10 tips from our Town Shop bra fitting experts have
uplifted you on how to buy your new bra! Check out our bra collections and come by the Town Shop store in NYC to get an expert fitting and try on your perfect size!