BrassyBra is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that lifts, shapes, and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra. The BrassyBra can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles. It's like a second skin that is made with a unique medical grade adhesive. It’s water-resistant, breathable, and mimics your skin by stretching. It’s an absolute favorite of Town Shop customers!

Detailed Information:

  • Style: BrassyBra
  • Package contains: 3 one-time use bra sets, 3 pairs of nipple covers, one test strip
  • Design: Provides great shape & support, breathes & stretches
  • Cups: Adjustable, customizable, and can be cut to fit any unique shape or style
  • Materials: 97% cotton - hypoallergenic
  • Additional info: Latex-free

Also known as: Adhesive bra, stick on bra, brassy bra, self adhesive bra, breast lift tape, boob pasties.


    BrassyBra 3 Set Adhesive Bra

    Regular price $38.00

    For example, if you usually wear a 34C your sister sizes are 32D and 36D. These 3 bras (32D/34C/36B) share the same underwire size and vary only in the length of the band.

     Bra Sister Sizes

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