The XIX Palms Pompeii Vacay Jumper is for the flirty, daring beach babe.  Inspired by the 70’s vibe, the disco jumper is a modern take on the era. If you’ve never owned a jumper before, let this be the one.

  • Treat garments gently and hand-wash in cold water. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR TUMBLE DRY.
  • Please keep in mind that the rayon texture will contract when damp, and may appear slightly smaller after washing.  A warm garment steamer will relax the fabric after washing, returning the garment to its original size and softness!

Style ppvj10

XIX Palms

XIX Palms Pompeii Vacay Jumper

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For example, if you usually wear a 34C your sister sizes are 32D and 36D. These 3 bras (32D/34C/36B) share the same underwire size and vary only in the length of the band.

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