Josie Natori expanded her already successful apparel company in 1977 into lingerie.  Today, the iconic Natori Feathers Plunge Bra is the 3rd best selling bra in the world.  The influence of the Far East is seen in Natori's vivid and saturated colors with names like green jewel, hot coral, gunmetal, and midnight.  There are also many practical t-shirt bras, like the Pure Luxe Full Fit Bra and the Understated Contour Underwire Bra, that are made in neutral colors that are classics.  Natori has just broadened is customer base by introducing the Pure Allure Full Figure Collection, made specifically for full busted women.

believe art is a gift to enrich one’s life,
A luxury to experience and enjoy every day.
At Natori, we bring art into everything we do.
Each piece is designed and crafted
To be a personal treasure –
A modern harmony of East and West.
A sensual palette of color and texture.
A glamorous thread to weave into your life,
Reflecting your inner world,
Empowering your outer world.
To me, indulgence is a necessity..


As a woman, a traveler, a collector,
I know the joy of exploring, the magic of expressing
One’s every mood through objects of desire.
As a classical pianist,
I know art never strikes the same note twice.
There’s always an element of surprise and discovery,
An evolving, unfolding adventure of what’s to come.

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