Here are 5 lingerie lessons to learn from Carrie Bradshaw
From the streets of the West Village to our hearts and wardrobes, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) holds a special space. The style and fashion precedence set by the Sex and the City era still lingers on.

The ladies on-screen taught us the invaluable nature of a Little Black Dress, the importance of having a party dress handy, the dare to wear pajamas under a tulle skirt, and last but not the least - making fine lingerie a part of our OOTDs.
Carrie Bradshaw and high-end lingerie is an eternal love affair. We consider ourselves smitten. So, here are five lingerie lessons to learn from her that we swear by.

Lingerie as outerwear - Go Big or go home is what Carrie’s always sworn by. We’re all for it.

Carrie Bradshaw_SATC _TownShop NYC - 1The last word we would use to describe Carrie’s style is shy. It shows in the way she seamlessly weaves bralettes and lace bras in her outfits. You got it, you flaunt it screams the star’s fashion sense, and we say why not. Our Hanky Panky Signature Lace Crossover Bralette proves to be a perfect companion for a pop of color under baggy tank tops or to add a layer of texture under any outerwear. Its elastic band provides ample comfort and support, and the gathering from the unlined cups gives it a subtle shape. So you don’t have to keep the best parts of your wardrobe hidden anymore. (Image Source)

Comfortable and sexy, slip dresses are truly the best of both worlds.
Carrie Bradshaw_SATC _TownShop NYC - 2
Carrie never waited to be on the runway to look her best. Anywhere from Fifth Avenue to her living room hallway has been her stage. She is seen to get dressed even for bed. The Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise is a luxurious lingerie essential that we recommend to keep it glamorous behind the door
as much as you would outdoors.

It is a match if you make it work
Carrie Bradshaw_SATC _TownShop NYC - 3

This iconic look from the party at the Hamptons is etched in our minds and Pinterest boards. And it wouldn’t be possible without a daring will to mix and match prints and patterns. Try the Cosabella Soire Confidence Printed Bralette for a sheer, sexy underlay to complement your outfit for a girls' night out or a date, or a night of drinking on the streets. (Image Source)

The thigh-high socks faux pas.
Carrie Bradshaw_SATC _TownShop NYC - 4
Be it a lazy long tank with an overcoat or a day dress that cuts off above the thigh, high pull-up socks have been Carrie’s favorite fashion faux pas. You can recreate some of her iconic looks with the Natori Hosiery Feathers Escape
Back Seam Thigh Hi has a three-inch feather detail on the top that works well with your favorite LBDs and works with your best pair of heels. (Image Source)

The Carrie Bradshaw pandora's box of fashion and style has a lot of secrets, tips, and essentials we swear by. She is the one who defined the distinct style that New York lingerie holds, from never shying away from showing off what’s underneath to making sexy luxury lingeries work her outfits on a day out or
a night in. So go ahead and rummage through your drawers and find what works for you underneath and outside.