Yellowberry Chickadee Seamless Bra - Coconut

For the Chickadee Seamless Bra, Yellowberry created a unique, high-performance yarn that wicks away moisture and keeps the wearer feeling dry and comfortable.  The Nilit® fibers used are breathable, so it is ideal for sportswear, activewear and dancewear.  As for the fit? Well, as told by one customer, "This feels like I'm wearing air. Wow." A must have.

  • Specialty fabric is sweat-wicking and breathable
  • 4-way stretch and seamless construction
  • Added Nilit® Breeze fibers keep you cool & dry even in hot weather
  • Care: machine wash and dry


Here's more about this new brand...

Credit: Yellowberry (2014, March 10).


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