Love Lips! Vibrating Lipstick 603016 by Maison Close

The Love Lips! Vibrator is an ultra-feminine stimulator that is so discreet no one will know you are carrying it. Plan on getting frisky tonight? This buzz-worthy “lipstick” is great for travel or a sultry sleepover at his place. No need to worry, this sleek vibrator is disguised as a pretty tube of lipstick and comes with a small velvet pouch. Now you can keep your vibe out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. Simply pop it in the pouch and put it in your purse. A great gift for a gal on-the-go! Make her heart race and her cheeks blush with this Love to Love lipstick. Your little secret is safe with us.

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Style #: 8030
Price: $55.00
Style #: 230755
Price: $39.00
  • One Vibration Speed
  • Care Manual Included
  • One AAA Battery Included
  • One Velvet Pouch Included
  • Size 9.5 x 1.4 cm. Weight 5.2 oz