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Lise Charmel was founded in the fifties in Lyon, France; historically recognized as the “Capital City of Silk”. With the highly creative and technically advanced character of its products, the Lise Charmel brand established market presence with designs for all types of lingerie and corsetry, and has since secured a lead position in the world of women’s intimate wear. Today the label consists of four brand names embodying all aspects of luxurious femininity; Lise Charmel, Eprise by Lise Charmel, Antenia by Lise Charmel & Antigel by Lise Charmel. Lise Charmel could get by on tradition alone, instead, the company chooses to match women’s fancies according to fashion and seasons. Lingerie from Lise Charmel is created not produced. Sophisticated and original, Lise Charmel’s lingerie combines elegance and good taste in the best European manner. The rich embroideries, opulent fabrics, soft tulles and attention to details will appeal to even the most refined tastes. The Lise Charmel woman is enchanted by beauty, exceptional creativity, high quality, elegance, well-being and good taste.