Donna Karan Nudes Sheer-To-Waist Pantyhose A24 by Donna Karan & DKNY Hosiery

The Donna Karan Sheer-To-Waist Hosiery from “The Nudes Collection" gives the leg a cosmetic finish that is better than bare. Perfecting the look and feel of a truly flawless leg, “The Nudes” match your skin tone so perfectly they seem to disappear before your eyes. These sheer-to-waist pantyhose are virtually invisible, from your tummy to your toes, for a nearly naked look. The unique jersey yarn is enhanced for a superior fit and a softer, silkier feel against your skin. A knit-in waistband with flat seams provides added comfort. To be virtually flawless, even the best legs need a little help. Once you wear them, you’ll love them!

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  • 42% Biconstituent Fiber
  • 45% Nylon, 13% Spandex