Grenier Open Bottom Garter Girdle 486 by Grenier

The Grenier Open Bottom Garter Girdle is a high quality lingerie item that represents all the prestige of the Grenier brand. This open girdle features four garters for convenience and a sexy style. Feel confident and look your best with tummy control in the form of a double-layered center panel and a reinforced center seam, as well as smooth stretch bands at the thighs. Additional control bands run across the hips and rear for extra shaping. The fabric includes Spandex material to ensure superior stretch and fit. For your modesty, an opaque satin fabric was added along the gusset. A wide elastic waist band sits high on the waist. This open girdle is the ultimate in comfort and fashion, providing a slimming effect where you need it and creating curves where you want them.

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