Braza Low Down 2-Hook Strap 8060 by Braza

The Braza Low Down 2-Hook Strap effectively takes any back closure bra and converts it to a low back bra. This innovative strap connects to your traditional bra and lowers the band by up to three inches. Now you can wear all your favorite low back blouses, sweaters, and dresses without having your bra band peek out. The 2-Hook Low Down offers more support and stability and can be used with 2, 3, and 4 hook connectors. Easily attach the adjustable Low Down strap to the hook-and-eye closure of your bra, adjust the length and secure in front. It’s that simple. Now you can wear your most comfortable bras with your sexiest clothes!

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Style #: 8030
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  • 1 strap per package
  • Instructions included
  • Nylon, Spandex with plastic hardware