NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra SE888 by NuBra

The NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra is strapless and backless so you can wear it with many of your favorite tops and dresses. Designed to be undetectable under clothes, this patented bra is made with a special raised edge that seamlessly blends into your skin. The two foam cups join at the center with a plastic clasp. This front closure pulls the cups together to enhance your cleavage. The inside of the bra features medical grade self-adhesive that is proven to be skin-friendly. When cared for properly, these washable cups can be reused over 100 times. This strapless bra allows you the most flexibility of body movement, without showing under clothes. Look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. A great solution to low cut dresses, backless halters and sheer lace tops!

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  • Includes:
  • Free Travel Case
  • Application Instructions
  • Care Instructions
  • 40% Silicone Adhesive
  • 30% Polyester, 30% Polyurethane Foam